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Internet Marketing is the most common topic that comes up with my small business clients. Their biggest concern is learning how to make money with the website they have. This isn't unusual. Big businesses wonder the same thing.

The tactics used to monetize a small business website versus a big business website comes down to money. Big business has much more of it than small businesses. As in most things, the solutions lie in a trade-off between time and money. Since small businesses can't compete on money, they need to put in much more time in marketing their site through a variety of other methods. Unfortunately, time is a precious commodity to entrepreneurs struggling to be successful.

For small business owners, a better approach to Internet Marketing is no different than those used to build their business offline through relationship networking with referral sources and customers. One way to do this is through email marketing to an existing list. Email is Read more

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5 Reasons To Effectively Use Digital Marketing

The Naming Czars who have given us Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, Online Marketing have now given us Digital Marketing; another term to describe the same activities. Well, not really. Digital marketing includes all electronic based marketing and sales efforts; including marketing messages designed to be seen on mobile devices.We've put together 5 Reasons Why You Need to Understand and Implement Digital Marketing, to help clarify the importance of using Digital Marketing effectively.Reason 1 -CostDigital Marketing is cheaper on an impression basis than any other marketing method available. The lower cost of promotion/lead generation, provides higher margins of profit which can decide the difference between success and failure for a small business owner.

Think about it this way: if Firm A is generating sales on a 20% lower cost basis than Firm B, then Firm A will be able to drive Firm B out of business by offering lower pricing and still retain profitability. Firm B won Read more

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