Common Website Problems & Complaints - Help!

The majority of our business comes from helping clients who have - unfortunately - been shafted in one way or another by their current website provider/host.A couple of the common complaints that we encounter are the following: Their website and email constantly go offline: Anyone can throw together a website - given that there are tons of free website platforms and thousands of plugins out there - but, not everyone knows the inner workings of these platforms and plugins. So, when the wheels start falling off the website, and you're with a wannabe type provider, then you're probably in for a world of pain. Also, I think, sometimes providers/hosts really just don't care about their clients.

The website keeps on getting hacked: This follows the first point - being with a provider that doesn't know what they are doing means that you're probably going to get hacked at some point or another. A website has to be constantly hardened to make sure that it's protected against Read more

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Choosing a Website Developer (Part 2) - Website Security is VERY important.

When choosing a website developer, there are a lot more things one should take into account these days, besides price. The good-old-days are unfortunately gone, so having mom or pops develop your website, or your best friend's cousin's brother just isn't going to cut it. Having it developed offshore, in for example India or the Philippines, or by a newbie developer just out of school, probably isn't a good idea either.

In the following scenario, one that we see way too often, I'll explain why.

Client: I had the development of our website contracted out to X - it is incredibly slow and keeps on popping up errors. The developers are in country X and I really don't want to deal with them anymore.

The Problem There are most likely 2 problems with this website:

Hosting: so you're paying $5 a month hosting and are wondering why the website is slow. Sadly, you get what you pay for. $5 hosts end up piling thousands of websites onto any Read more

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Choosing a Website Developer (Part 1) - Cheap equals Trouble.

When choosing a website developer, going the cheap route - or basing your decision mainly on cost - will generally result in you ending up in hot water, one way or another. Unfortunately cheap is, well, cheap - whether that means outsourcing development to India or the Philippines, or choosing a local web developer that offers you the world for nothing - the age old saying applies "if it's too good to be true, it is."

In our first two scenarios, ones that we hear from a LOT of people, we will be talking about selecting a reliable developer and web platform.

Client #1: My previous developer built X % of the project, has taken our money, and now we can't get hold of him. A lot of what was built doesn't work properly.
The Problem These developers offer dirt cheap prices in order to secure the project and they generally throw you onto a freeware platform, such as wordpress, joomla or drupal. They then throw a lot of free modules at it, so that it looks Read more

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A Big Misconception: Hosting Control Panel vs Managed Platform

We hear this a lot: "I've been told that Cpanel is the best, so we're probably going with that - it's only $5 per month and we get lots of bandwidth." At that point we sit back, chuckle, sigh and do the "eye roll". Yes it may be a great tool, and it is, if one is a developer and one needs a control panel that can configure every aspect of a hosting environment.


For most people though, it or any other type of hosting control panel is not what they think it is and unless they know what they are doing, they should stay far away from it. It isn't a CMS or a managed platform, it's simply a control panel for a hosting environment. Take this analogy: think of hosting as a big empty room, a hosting control panel, such as Cpanel, is like a control panel for that room, it allows you to turn the lights on and off, turn the power outlets on and off, control the heating, set the alarm etc.

Software, Addons, Updates

Fantastic - now what, the room Read more

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