Common Website Problems & Complaints - Help!

The majority of our business comes from helping clients who have - unfortunately - been shafted in one way or another by their current website provider/host.A couple of the common complaints that we encounter are the following: Their website and email constantly go offline: Anyone can throw together a website - given that there are tons of free website platforms and thousands of plugins out there - but, not everyone knows the inner workings of these platforms and plugins. So, when the wheels start falling off the website, and you're with a wannabe type provider, then you're probably in for a world of pain. Also, I think, sometimes providers/hosts really just don't care about their clients.

The website keeps on getting hacked: This follows the first point - being with a provider that doesn't know what they are doing means that you're probably going to get hacked at some point or another. A website has to be constantly hardened to make sure that it's protected against Read more

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