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To assist us in putting together a proposal that meets all of your requirements, please answer the following questions.
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Proposal Questions:

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  • Your Intent

    What are you attempting to achieve with the development of a mobile app?

    What do you perceive as the single most important feature of the mobile app?

    Who is the intended audience?

    What is the age range of the targeted user?

    Have you ever had any mobile apps developed?  If so, please list them.

    Who is your competition?

    If you have competition, how will your app be better and/or different?

    Are there any mobile apps out there that appeal to you? Which elements from those mobile apps would you like to see in yours?

  • The Basics

    Will it be a free or paid for app?

    Will the app include advertising? If so, please explain.

    List the sections and functionality that you would like to have in your mobile app. Please be as detailed as possible.

    Do you have a website? If so, would the app integrate into the website?

  • Administration

    Who will be designated as project manager? Are they authorized to make final decisions on all aspects of the mobile app?

    Do you have a technical administrator and/or tech staff who will work directly with our programmers and developers?

    Will all content, in it's final form, be provided for the mobile app? If so, are you the owner of the copyright for these items? If you are not, do you have permission from the copyright holder, in writing, for these elements to be used on the site?

  • Design/Graphic Elements

    Does your company have established branding/identity standards in place? What specific elements of the branding need to be incorporated into the mobile app? Do you have a logo, established corporate colors or a standards manual?

    Are there any apps out there that you'd like yours to be modeled after, from a design/visual point of view?

    Do you have any flow charts or wireframes of how you'd like the app to flow and/or be structured?

  • Technical Considerations

    Will content on the mobile app change on a regular basis? How often: Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

    If content changes, how do you prefer to maintain the mobile app? Will you want us to upload content for you, or will you designate internal administrator(s) and use our content management software to update your mobile app?

    Will there be any forms or features on the mobile app that require users to enter and submit information? If so, please list them.

    Do you require any specific features, not already mentioned above (Calendar of events, course listings, job listing, etc?) If so, please list them.

    Will online commerce be a feature of the mobile app? If so, please explain.

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    Thanks for taking the time to complete this RFP, we look forward to working with you.