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This is what some of our clients had to say about working with us:

  • Penni Stritter | Partner, Navarro Group | Charlotte NC
    • Working with Digital Trooper has been a life saver! We were struggling with another service provider and did an extensive nationwide search for a new one. Some of the issues that we were encountering were:

      - Pages taking 20 seconds to load. Reason: badly programmed website/plugins/database.
      - Host that didn't know what they were doing, and were very slow to respond.
      - Website and email down for several days at a time.
      - Incorrectly configured website published private files in google.
      - Website & plugins hacked multiple times. Reason: the problem with open source platforms that aren't constantly kept up-to-date.

      Since transitioning to DT, we have had no problems, not one. Organization members are able to register and pay for events without incident, pages load in lightning speed, and quick response time for all questions.

      We highly recommend switching your service provider to Digital Trooper. You'll be a hero at your company!!
  • Dr Jeremy Hozjan | Principal, Charlotte Natural Healing, Inc. | Charlotte NC
    • I had a vision of what I wanted to look like and how it should work for me. Unfortunately, the reality was completely opposite. By the time I was introduced to Digital Trooper, I had spent several thousands of dollars and had been through 3 websites with 3 different companies. The total number of people that came to me as a result of my site or an internet search was 0 over those 3 years.

      Digital Trooper not only had an exceptional product, but they delivered! Within a week, I have already had several calls as a direct result of their work! My only regret was that I didn't find them 3 years ago. I highly recommend Digital Trooper! They are very easy to work with, do what they say they will do, and the results are evident. Thank you!
  • Marla Emery | Managing Partner, TeamWide Solutions | Charlotte NC
    • It is one thing to highly recommend a vendor on its own merit, but I must recommend Digital Trooper in relation to other website design and hosting vendors - of which I've encountered many!

      Digital Trooper has exceeded every expectation that I have had based on my experience with others in his market space. They are responsive, attentive, intuitive, quality oriented, and very willing to improve upon the user experience in any way possible. Thank you Digital Trooper!
  • John Gugle, CFP®, CRPC® | Principal, Alpha Financial Advisors, LLC | Charlotte NC
    • Digital Trooper designed our company web site in 2008 and has continued to support us as our site changes. I can always count on Digital Trooper to do a great job, to be very responsive to my needs, and to quickly solve issues. I would recommend Digital Trooper to anyone looking to develop or enhance their web site and/or online presence.
  • Jay Wilson | President, Rosebay Development Partners, LLC | Charlotte NC
    • Digital Trooper's services are exceptionally valued. I began working with them in 2010 during a political campaign. I have been very pleased with all of the solutions provided and would recommend them to anyone needing web services.
  • Laurie Smith | Carolina Business Coach, LLC | Charlotte NC
    • Let's face it: unless you really know what you're doing, hiring a tech company to build, manage and maximize your company's website is a blind item. In a world of tech-talking charlatans, we were skeptical about ever finding a company that could deliver the goods at a price that wasn't budget-breaking.

      After Digital Trooper was highly recommended by a colleague, we met with Sean who demonstrated the user-friendly sites they create; we were dazzled that managing our site could be as easy as WORD. This was leagues ahead of anything we had been shown in the past. Within just a day or two of our initial meeting, Sean sent a comprehensive proposal..
      Armed with our own tech-watchdog-- a friend and programming pro--we unleashed him to assess the proposed plan of action, and Digital Trooper's level of expertise. Our no-nonsense assessor came up with only good things to say. Not only was he impressed, he was VERY impressed.
      From our perspective, Digital Trooper is a jewel in the industry; by comparison they seem to be light years ahead. They will impress you with every aspect of site design, implementation, navigation, delivery, and customer service. Their do-it-yourself solution to site changes completely demystifies the process and will save you time and money.
      What a load off! It's like being on a tight rope and finally having a net. We highly suggest you walk, not run--to the very professional and talented Sean and Digital Trooper.
  • Ian Farmer | President, IF Associates | Charlotte NC
    • It's rare to find service and support delivered to the standard that Digital Trooper delivers, and at such a fair and reasonable price. Helpful is a understatement, nothing is too much trouble and they really have a great empathy for small businesses. I would highly recommend Digital Trooper's services and indeed several of my clients, on my advice, have used them for their web site and hosting needs.
  • Colleen Lloyd-Roberts | Top Notch Nail Files | Charlotte NC
    • I didn't really understand the scope of morphogine - I thought it was just a really great platform for websites and e-mail blasts, with some fancy SEO footwork on the back-end. After working with the platform today, I really understand what you have created here an all-in-one publishing and marketing tool. Thank you for making things so simple and cost effective.
  • Craig HD Field | Wealth Design, Inc | Charlotte NC
    • When we started up our new business in the USA, we needed something that would differentiate us for others, in a very competitive and relatively unknown market. Digital Trooper helped us create a website with a personalized and secure member area for our valued clients, enabling them to keep track of their investments 24 / 7 from anywhere in the world.

      Without this facility we would not have the capacity to service worldwide clients. Digital Trooper have the technical expertise to provide this state of the art facility, and the service levels to ensure our website was launched on time and professionally.
  • Brian J. Boyle PT, DPT, CSCS | Charlotte NC
    • As the owner of a small business, I am used to having my hands in every aspect of my business. The website that we orginally started with, from another company, was good but the designer would not allow us access to the website. Because of this it became a hassle to update the website. I personally hate it when a website I am looking up is stagnant, so I knew we needed to do something. I was also not looking to spend a great deal of money on a new website since we had just invested in the previous one about a year ago.

      I got a recommendation from a friend to call Digital Trooper as they specialize in web development and SEO and I am glad I did. We have nothing but positive things to say - the new website looks great and is very easy to get into in order to make necessary changes. I wish we would have known about these two companies sooner. I would recommend them to anyone who owns a business or is looking to have a professional website designed. Thank you for your help!
  • Rebecca Farlow | Rebecca Farlow Signature Events | Charlotte NC
    • It was a pleasure to work with Digital Trooper. With very few face to face meetings, they were able to translate my vision into a beautiful reality! They are great with detail and design and very quick to respond to any needs one would have. They were a great help in explaining the various options available and helped me to avoid some costly mistakes. I would highly recommend the services of Digital Trooper to anyone!
  • Dr. Ali | Carlisle Chiropractic Clinic | Charlotte NC
    • I had been working with another web hosting company in the area for the last 6 months and was literally riding on a roller coaster of anticipation and disappointment the entire time. From changed deadlines, to unanswered emails & calls, to most importantly an unfinished product - I felt building a perfect website was hopeless and I was extremely frustrated. I was referred to Digital Trooper 3 weeks ago by an associate.

      Not only have they fixed the plethora of mistakes and shortcomings of the previous web hosting company, but they made the website even more impressive than I dreamed. And they did this in a matter of 2 weeks. I highly recommend Digital Trooper as a web design company because of their attention to detail and delivery of excellent customer service.
      (2 months later)
      Just wanted to thank you again for doing such an excellent job getting our site put together properly and getting us more hit traffic. We've had more and more people come in each week complimenting our website and how easily they found us via Google, Yahoo, or MSN. It's so great to see everything working out so well. Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for the great work/help.
  • Deanna Valeo and Todd Croy | Valeo-Croy Team | Charlotte NC
    • Deanna and I wanted to thank you for the work you did on our new website - we love it and so do our clients.

      Your involvement in the process made the entire experience a breeze. Coordinating with our marketing consultant when designing our "new look" made the process much easier than we anticipated.
      We appreciated your excellent communication throughout the entire process. It is hard to believe that in less than 4 weeks from our initial discussions we have a beautiful and functional web site that had helped our business grow through automation. Your unique features have been notices by every client that has visited our site.
      We have already recommended you to many of our clients and friends and would gladly act as a reference for any future prospective clients.