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Our Process

The Digital Trooper process for the efficient production of a solution, comprises of 9 steps to ensure good communication on expectations and deliverables.

  • Planning

    At the initial meeting, your goals and functionality requirements will be determined - the "must haves", "nice to haves" and budget - in order to prepare a proposal. 

  • Proposed Solution

    Your proposal will outline the functionality to be developed and/or integrated and the milestones and responsibilities. The proposal will include a development timeline and will generally have a base price for "must have" functionality, "nice to have" functionality will be listed as addons. The Morphogine Platform is modular, so additional functionality can be added at any time without excessive capital outlay. At project kick-off, a sitemap is prepared which will detail the structure of the website.

  • Concept Design

    Depending on your budget - either an entry-level design or premium design concept will be configured, or a custom design will be created. Once approval on a particular design is received, it will be handed over to the development team for integration.

  • Platform Integration

    The concept design is sliced up and plugged into the Morphogine Platform, at which point it becomes interactive and editable.

  • Content Loading

    Content is then gathered from the client, pages are built and the core and addon modules are configured.

  • Custom Modules

    If a project requires custom functionality, then custom modules will be created and integrated into the platform, for a seamless experience.

  • Quality Control

    Once development has been completed, the new website will undergo several levels of quality control and debugging. Even after project launch, any bugs that may arise will be corrected free of charge. Our platform does have proprietary anti-bug technology that notifies us of any problems, so we are usually aware of the problem before the client is.

  • Usability Testing

    We run several user tests on multiple devices in order to improve the website, we focus on:

    • Performance: How fast do the pages load? Does the website perform well on smaller screen sizes?
    • Flow/Paths: How much time and how many steps are required for users to complete basic tasks?
    • Accuracy: How many mistakes do users make?
    • Recall: How much does the user remember afterwards or after periods of non-use?
    • Emotional Response: How does the user feel about the tasks completed - are they confident, stressed, or angry? Would the user recommend this website to a friend.
  • Deployment and Training

    Once the client has reviewed and approved the website, it will go live. One-on-one Morphogine training is available, either online or in person. Tutorial videos are available online at any time. Refresher group training sessions are offered periodically. Digital Trooper is just a phone call or email away should you have any questions - and support is free.