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Morphogine Platform Advantages

Selecting a web platform is one thing, selecting a partner in business who will maintain and support that platform is another. With Digital Trooper®, we provide both the Morphogine™ Platform integration, as well as the support. It's win-win.

Some of the advantages of using morphogine PLATFORM include:

Managed Platform
Dns, setting up databases, ftp'ing files, applying platform and security updates, backing up data, etc.... You don't need to worry about any of that stuff, we manage all the nitty gritty tasks associated with a website.

Collaborative Updates
When we make an update to functionality for one client, that update is also immediately pushed out to all of our other clients. So all of our clients really benefit from one another's updates.

Morphogine is a PCI-DSS Sevice Provider. Digital Trooper®, a security company, makes sure that Morphogine, and therefore the websites that are powered by it, are bullet-proof. Other platforms require that the website owner keep up-to-date with security notifications and update their websites whenever security updates are released we automatically apply security updates to client websites.

A client can edit all content on their website whenever they like and are able to expand their website whenever they like by adding more pages and menu items themselves.

Morphogine has modules to run pretty much any kind of website, such as online stores, membership websites, corporate websites, start ups etc. Clients decide which modules they want initially, and additional modules can be added at a later date if required.

Premium Font Licensing
Access our premium font library, which includes thousands of high quality fonts from respected type foundries.

The website is automatically optimized (basic) for the search engines and therefore ranks higher in the engines. We are constantly adding cutting edge SEO functionality to Morphogine.

Email Marketing
Morphogine Platform also includes our Email Marketing platform. A savings of $30 - $150/month, when compared to competitors.

The website will always have access to cutting edge technology/features as we are constantly improving the platform. Updates are available to clients for free and are automatically applied.

The platform has built-in hacker monitoring, provided by Digital Trooper®, so the website is monitored 24x7x365 for hack attempts and we respond quickly to any such attempts. A savings of $300 - $800/year, when compared to competitors.

The platform has built-in Real-time bug reporting - we are notified of and fix any website bugs as they occur. We never charge for bug fixes and fixes are completed within 1 - 4 hrs.

Top Notch Hosting
The websites are hosted in a Tier 3 (the best you can get) environment. This means 99.5% uptime and the fastest download rates available. Morphogine powered websites are quick, functional and secure!

We offer free website support, if you're stumped and don't know how to do something on the website, just ask us via online chat, email or phone.

Morphogine built websites are able to morph their designs if a client wants to change the entire look/design of their website at any time, the process is simple and inexpensive and the existing website content will simply be imported into the new design.

1 contact for everything
We are the developer and the host, so there is only 1 contact for everything.

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